How do I track an order?
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How do I track an order?

The type of tracking will depend on the shipping you picked at checkout. Tracking may or may not be sent to you. Bubble, Priority and Air Mail all have tracking numbers. We do try and have the numbers posted to your account in a few days or the shipping program will kick out an email to you. You can check the order in your account.

Please have [email protected] added to your email providers approved emails to avoid them going to your junk box or not arriving at all.

The best way to track is directly from the USPS. Be sure you are signed up for Informed Delivery from the USPS. This will show ALL MAIL AND PACKAGES arriving that day and will also show any packages in the system.  Remember we do not get involved with anything that does not arrive unless you have purchased our shipping insurance.

Most orders will arrive with a few days. Priority mail runs 2-3 days and all mail depends on the weather between you and us.