Welcome to Jacks Cards and Coupons

If you are new to the site this page will help explain how we do coupon clipping here. Yes, we do things different than most as we have been in business a very long time and have out lasted many of the competition by doing clipping the way we do. We deal in volume, have very few limits, offer expired coupons, offer free shipping and we do not ship weekends. One of the best things we tell buyers is to read and take your time, no need to rush to check out. Double check your order, make sure you know what coupons you are ordering as we offer many similar coupons. This site was built for volume, has special advanced systems and we are even working on another upgrade for the beginning of 2018 which will make getting the hot coupons even easier. As you read the site you will find everything we do is spelled out for you, site terms of service, rules, returns, shipping ect... this way nothing will come as a shock to you.

Pages you should read:

How the site works. This explains how we do everything.

Mail Tracking Site you should be signed up for:

Myusps.com This official post office system will allow you to view our Free and Paid envelopes. You can view and track all USPS mail without the use of tracking numbers.

Contact us

Open a ticket from within your account, We do not respond to emails. Again this page has an advanced ticketing system, we do tell you what happens when you send a ticket to each department in case you forgot the rules.

When do you list new releases ?

We list next weeks coupons as soon as we can. Usually we're 3-5 days early !!! By getting your coupons early you can be one of the first to hit the stores and actually get the item you need.

When do we ship ?
We ship fast, We do not work weekends. We can't tell you exactly when your order will arrive, but any delay is not on our end. We do send notifications as the orders process along or you can view the status from within your account.


As noted,its rare that we have limits for our regular customers. Our current stock is always listed and we do restock within the 1st week of release.  Limits are just a way smaller sites use to make extra money by tricking you to come back and try for a hot coupon when they actually never have back in stock. If you are new or have not order in the past 30 days we will cut your order to 5 batches maximum of the same coupon unless you are on our pre approved bulk buyer list. 


Expiration dates:

    Expiration dates are listed in every title for you. Dates mean nothing to us. You order it, we'll cut it. We offer expired coupons .
     It's hard to make a mistake as you have to read the title to add a coupon to your shopping cart.