Have Questions ?


This page will give you some basic answers to many common questions we have seen over our many years of clipping. We are very good at what we do and to do the volume we do the site has some rules to follow. Be sure to check them out below.


The site is very easy to use.  You can add an item right away or you can click on any listing to view the complete description as the previews will only show a part of the title. When you click on a listing you will see the items current inventory in real time, price, expiration date, when it will start shipping, email it to a friend links and more. Be sure to look at the expiration dates as we do offer expired coupons. Many of our customers use the category drop down menus to view each weeks coupons and most of our extreme couponers use the product list page to view the complete selection on one page.


We ship US Mail. Most of you will see your coupons in a few days. Some areas may be longer, and Winter Weather / December Shopping Season may affect everyone.  We do not offer firm delivery dates as air mail is the only guaranteed option. If you need them fast we do offer Priority Mail OR Air Mail at checkout. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Please get your orders in before 8 am E.S.T. for a shot at shipping that day. Shipping depends on daily volume, so order early for best shipping times. We are high volume shippers, we ship 100's of order per day, per site! Many customers use us because of out fast shipping record.

Basic 1st Class Mail starts at $0.75.  Bubble Mailer shipping starts at $4.30, this is 1st class mail in a padded bubble envelope, this is tracked and in a great option for medium size orders (12 batches+). Priority Mail starts at $8.90 and goes down to $6.00. Yes, you can get Priority Mail for as little at $6.00. Prices depend on the amount of your order. Priority is a great option for larger orders and areas with poor delivery times. Air Mail is $26.75 per order and is 1-2 Business days. Whole inserts are only shipped Priority Mail at a flat fee. Be sure to use https://informeddelivery.usps.com for all tracking numbers. Informed delivery by the USPS is a great service to view and track every piece of mail you get. Insurance is $1.65 per order and remember we can't help with uninsured orders. We ship Mon / Fri. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Please get your orders in before 8 am E.S.T. for a shot at shipping that day. Shipping depends on daily volume, so order early for best shipping times. We are high volume shippers, we ship 100's of order per day, per site! Many customers use us because of out fast shipping record. Check out the Help / How it Works page for complete details.


We no longer answer any shipping related questions. Please keep in mind once orders are shipped, it is out of our control and our part is completed. 

We are no longer responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. You may contact the USPS shipping department HERE


    Returns / Cancel 
We will gladly accept the return of any whole order within 14 days. No shipping credit will be given. Return is for store credit only. You are required to have tracking on your return. Returns will be cause for account termination. No Refunds / Credits will be given for canceled orders or expired coupons. A 35% restocking fee applies to all returned orders.  All accounts will be locked when you are sending an item back to us or you requested to make a return. Your tracking number will be need to unlock the account. Canceling an order also closes the account for life.  Pre Orders can not be returned for any reason.


    The Shopping Cart

    Items placed in the cart are not held. Adding an item to your cart does not reserve it for you. Not to worry as we have a large inventory to start with and an advanced inventory system. Checking out is easy. The system is very state of the art and is able to process hundreds of orders a second. There are over 5 different ways to check out. If you run into trouble just try another. You can checkout with or without being logged in, by clicking the Papal button, all Major Credit Cards can be used or you can use your Paypal Credit line if you would like to Finance your purchase. If you are not logged in to your account your order will not appear in your account later. Emails are sent as your order moves along, you can also check the progress inside your account. 


      Admin Fees

    We don't have any hidden fees. It drives me nuts when we see them. Never pay a fee to checkout.



        We do not have many limits as we normally have a huge supply for our regular customers. Unless a coupon is ultra hot and we can 't get more you will not see a limit.  No need for a limit of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 coupons per week like many of the smaller sites have to offer. Small sites use limits to make extra money off shipping and getting you to come back and try for more, hoping you will buy something else. We do not need to do that. If an item is out just join the waiting list and check inside the listing for a restock date or other reorder information. If we have more coming we'll add any arrival time to the inside of the listing or the listing will have a reorder process for shipping at a later date similar to our pre orders. If you are new or have not order in the past 30 days we will cut your order to 5 batches maximum of the same coupon unless you are on our pre approved bulk buyer list. 


          Minimum Order

        We do not have a minimum order amount. Order what you need, when you need it. The only catch is we offer the coupons in batches of 15. We have many buyers who order almost daily. We have a $1.50 minimum to checkout.

        Typographical Errors

        We are not responsible for Typographical Errors. Every effort is made to get the listings right. If we make an error in the listing we are sorry. Sometimes errors are made, for example we list a coupon as $1/1 and its really a $1/3. if there is not a picture be sure to ask us. We do not issue returns / credit/ Refunds for typographical errors, requests for such shall be grounds for account termination. 

          Expiration Dates

        Expiration dates are listed in the titles for you. Dates mean nothing to us. You order it, we'll cut it. We offer expired coupons . It's hard to make a mistake as you have to read the title to add a coupons to your shopping cart. If you can't us expired coupons we recommend you give at least 12 business days before the date to insure your coupons have a better chance of arriving with some time left. Remember we do not offer refunds / store credit / exchange on expired coupons. Request for refunds / cancels will close your account. Check with your store as most will take them past the date and some will take them for up to 30 days or longer if you shop at the PX.

        Shipping Address Changes:

        Be sure to email us shipping address changes. Its best to email us if you move or need it shipping to different address than normal as we use a shipping address database and may not read the packing slip.


        Tracking numbers are not shared. Its the one system we can't get set up right all the time with the accounts. If you ordered upgraded shipping (Bubble, Priority or Air) sign up for  myusps.com and the post office will show all incoming packages without you knowing the tracking numbers. You can also sign this up for regular mail ans P O Box mail and the post office will be able to show you your mail as it arrives. Remember after 9/11 all mail is photographed and stored for a period of time. This is a really great free service from the post office. To report missing mail click here

        I did not get my order ?

        As noted, under the site terms if you report an order as not arrived and you did not order the loss protection insurance your account will be closed for good as you took on the risk of non arrival yourself. As of 2006 we do not reship, replace, refund or issue a credit for orders do not arrive. If you DID order the protection just let us know and we can file a claim. Be sure you are using myusps.com to view incoming deliveries. 

        Contact us

        Inside your account is a contact us section. Select the department and send in your ticket and we will get right back to you in a day or so.  Emails in any other location may go unanswered as the orders generate a large amount of system emails to us and some emails addresses are not monitored often or ever. Be sure to allow a day for us to answer. Remember our office manager does not work weekends. 

        Pre Orders / Pre Sell

        A new addition to the site is our Pre Order System. This will help with demand for Hot Coupons and help insure we can continue to offer them without limits. No one likes to miss out on the "Good Stuff" and we think limiting the hot stuff is a scam. Sites that charge shipping like to get you to come back the next day and pay another shipping charge.

        Pre Orders will have a shipping date listed inside the description and that will be the date your order will ship. The system will have separate invoices for each item. If the ship date changes we will update the listing. You are locked in at that price, no price adjustments will be made for any future fluctuations in price. Be sure to read the listing carefully, as with all our orders, we do not edit, refund or cancel orders for any reason and we can't more you to a different ship date. Requests to do so will close your account.  We will only take orders for what we can fill and some coupons may sell out on Pre Order and not be offered again or to those who did not pre order. If we can't fill the order, a store credit shall be issued within 7 days,  We do pre orders with our other businesses, we know what we're doing and have never had to issue a credit in 15+ years, but coupons can be tricky with region differences, supply and demand issues especially PG & Redplum.   The 1st charge on your card is only a hold and will be removed. The 2nd is the final charge.

        Restock Pre Orders

        When we have a coupon in stock and supply is low it is possible that we will have multiple listing for the same coupon and the prices will be different for both. For example we may have Bic Razors in early before Sundays release date and we only have 50 batches. You will see that coupon listed at $3 and its shipping now. We will also have a Pre Order for Bic Razors at $2, Shipping on Tuesday. Be sure to choose the price and shipping time that works for you. We can't edit, move your ship date, cancel or refund for any reason. 


        We may offer full PG inserts when we can. Pictures will be posted of the complete insert. We do check each insert to make sure the hot coupons are in each and every book before they ship out. Inserts can not be returned for any reason. Limits are posted with each listing. We can't combine shipping. We will cancel any order and account that attempts to order more than the limit.  You can Track your Priority mail shipment on Myusps.com as we do not sent tracking numbers. We are in complete control of the process, orders are never taken that we can't fill and we do not drop ship. The current max is 50 inserts.


        For more information and the "fine print" see our Terms page.