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Why Coupon ?

Why Coupon ? The answer is very easy, use coupons to save money. Companies issue coupons to get your business and to keep it. Most people don't try a new product out if the blue. The coupon offers an incentive to try it, like it, and keep coming back time after time. Advertisers issue billions of dollars in coupon savings. Yes, that's Billions !!!!! Why toss this free money away. Learn to coupon better and watch the money pile up.

Where do I get more coupons from? The best place to get coupons from is a coupon clipping service. We get coupons from all over the USA and offer them to you for a fee. Different cites get different values . The newer the market for the company, the better the coupon will be as they are willing to give you more to gain market share. By using a site like ours you can get these hot coupons for yourself. Most if not all coupons are good in all states unless noted, so no need to worry about the store not taking them. Not sure on how to coupon or want to do it better. You can attend classes at schools, church, YMCA and the like. Coupons are a big deal in the hard economy, learning new tips and keeping up with store rules will have you save even more.

Don't be stupid. Over buying can be a big waste of money. Just because you can get 100 bottles of mustard for a quarter a bottle does not mean you should. The wise buyer will only buy what that can use for family and friends. No need to tie your money up even if is a small amount. You would never use that many bottles in a lifetime or before they expired. Products for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste,paper towels, detergent, deodorant, toothbrushes always issue great coupons. You can stock up on these as most are used on a daily basis.

Knowing when to stock up is also helpful. When school starts Bic always issues coupons for pens. Most stores put the pens on sale for back to school which increases the savings. Normally this makes the packs of pens super cheap and in most cases free. Summer is a great time for pickles, ketchup, mustard and other picnic standards. Fall is a great time for soups and chili.

It will take a few trips for you get the hand of things, learning the store rules and the best ways to max out your savings. Just relax and have fun with it.