The finer points of shipping
How Shipping Works

We offer several shipping options to help you meet your deadlines. Regular Mail, Bubble, Priority and Air Mail.

We ship US Mail. Most of you will see your coupons in a few days. Some areas may be longer, and Winter Weather / December Shopping Season may effect everyone.  The USPS  DOES NOT offer firm delivery dates on shipping as air mail is the only guaranteed option. If you need them fast we do offer Priority Mail OR Air Mail at checkout. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Please get your orders in before 8 am E.S.T. for a shot at shipping that day. Shipping depends on daily volume, so order early for best shipping times. We are high volume shippers, we ship 100's of order per day, per site! Many customers use us because of out fast shipping record.  Monday's as you can imagine are very busy.

Basic 1st Class Mail is $0.60 per order.  Bubble Mailer is $3.25-$4.29, this is 1st Class Mail in a padded bubble envelope, this is tracked and in a great option for medium size orders (12 batches+). Priority Mail starts at $7.95 and goes down to $3400. Yes you can get Priority Mail for as little at $4.00. Prices depend on the amount of your order. Priority is a great option for larger orders and areas with poor delivery times and is also tracked. Air Mail is $24 per order and is 1-2 Business days. Be sure to use for all tracking numbers and to view your incoming mail. Insurance is an additional $1.65 per order and remember we can't help with uninsured orders as there is absolutely nothing we can do after it ships on our end. Bubble or Priority are the services we recommend. Shipping for Whole Inserts is by Priority Mail only. You can view the shipping tab in every listing on the site for more information.

Do not add notes like please ship fist thing in the morning, Ship Fast or I need it shipped today. They are not acted on and many actually slow down your shipping as we may pull the order from the days shipping to contact you and have you would upgrade the shipping because you need it faster.