Limits on How Much You Can Order

We do not have many limits on the site for our regular weekly shoppers. If we have limits, the system will adjust your cart. The limit is usually listed in the description. Its rare that we have limits, most of the time it's going to be on super hot products like TIDE. So far this year its only been on detergents. We tend to limit those to around 3-5 batches per customer (45-75 coupons) per day. 
Small sites use limits to make extra money off shipping and get you to come back and try for more, hoping you will buy something else as they add just a handful coupons a few times a day to string you along. Others use limits to make it seem like a coupon is in demand and they can charge more for it. Some even do deals off line to customers who are willing to pay more, that's why a product is always out of stock and you really had no shot at it. We do not need to do that as we normally have a huge supply. If an item is out just join the waiting list and check inside the listing for a restock date or other reorder information. If we have more coming we'll add any arrival time to the inside of the listing. If you are new or have not ordered in the past 30 days we will cut your order to 5 batches maximum of the same coupon unless you are on our pre approved bulk buyer list.